RED BAG B&W™ Edition Black

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A little touch of luxury made ​​of the finest calfskin, thorough piece of steel with indestructible, the finest, hand-polished metal zippers YKK that will prevent damaging your nails. With this Selepceny KeyBag shaped in a heart it will be simple and elegant to find the keys in your bag or purse. Handmade in Europe.

490,00 €

This Selepceny handmade bag from the signature collection Vertexio from the finest calfskin has been designed for both sexes. The limited colour edition, which surface captures the waves of the ocean.There is a unique serial number handmade bags worldwide. Durable construction with smooth, textured gray-blue body with the finest,indestructible,...

390,00 €

Diese mit der Selepceny Unterschrift manuell gemachte Aura Tasche ist aus dem weichsten Kalbsfell hergestellt.Sie ist perfekt für die Alltage. Widerstandsgerüst hat einen natürlichen schwarzen Körper mit nicht kaputtgehendem manuell polierten feinsten metallen YKK Reißverschluss, der die Verletzung ihren Nageln verhindert. Der breite innere Teil hat 3...

490,00 €

This Selepceny handmade bag from Alter collection made of the finest calfskin has been designed as your important fashion accessory. Whether you go on a business meeting, see your friends or for a walk with your family, Alter will always be your major accessory. Durable steel construction with smooth, textured body of blue colour with the finest,...